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As your newborn care specialist, I am available to you for daytime or overnight support. As your extra set of hands, I support you and your family adjust to life with your newborn and postpartum recovery. Welcoming a new family member can present its own set of challenges, with my knowledge and expertise in newborn care together we will determine the best methods for feeding and safe sleeping, equip you with the skills and confidence to physically care for your newborn, and, help you as your body heals during the postpartum period.

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A newborn care specialist provides support after the baby is born and is there to support the new parent. They do things like help with breastfeeding, folding laundry, preparing light meals, tidying up, holding baby so mama can sleep, and they do a whole ton of education with mama to help her know what is normal in the postpartum period. For hundreds of years, we raised children in villages. New parents would have been surrounded by women who would care for her, and allowed her the time to rest after baby was born. They would educate her on how to care for her own baby, and hold that tiny infant so that mama could rest. Nowadays, we are expected to do this all by ourselves, and many of us realize quickly that it’s not that easy to do alone. Newborn care specialsts bridge that gap, assisting after birth to help mama adjust to her new life.


The first few weeks are when you can benefit the most from having knowledgeable helpers in your home. Having a newborn care specialist there the first couple days can make days 3, 4, & 5 (when your milk typically arrives) much more manageable, help partners and extended family understand how to make the best team of care, and be there for reassurance when things seem to hit the fan.

We also serve many families during 3-8 weeks, when babies tend to ramp up their fussy times. This is often a time of problem-solving and getting some much-needed rest when it seems like things will never change (they will!). Many parents call us in tears during this time, asking for help as things are just so much harder than they expected.

We often will fill the gaps in family support; as grandparent support comes and goes there is often a transition time where only a little help is needed until families are doing well on their own. The care level is different for every family, and we customize the care plan for each family’s particular needs.

Sometimes just one or two visits is needed, other times families want ongoing postpartum support for weeks or even months.


Yes! We can be your hands and feet while you recover. We make food, do dishes, wash and fold laundry, change bedding, and generally take care of the family while everyone rests and recovers from surgery plus the exhausting hospital stay and adjusts to newborn life. Think of your newborn care specialist as the bedside nurse that you get to take home (minus the RN part). We can run back and forth with everything you need so you don't have to get out of bed, we can educate family members on typical recovery length—and we can hopefully help shorten your recovery time.

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